The STAGE platform provides a simple application by means of which elderly users can choose the live performance or events’ package they want to access through common digital devices like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs or computers. The new service will be offered through streaming technology by a network of European and worldwide cultural stakeholders and providers. It will offer a new way of benefiting from cultural resources worldwide and reaching a wide and almost unexploited group of consumers. Social involvement of end-users will be ensured through an integrated dedicated social network, which will allow elderly people to exchange comments about the cultural events as well as e-Learning tools including training and support guidance and information about the events (i.e. historical background, cultural context). STAGE promotes a proactive participation of the elderly, aiming to increase their access and interest in new cultural knowledge from the events as well as contribute via  e-learning to their digital education.


The STAGE project aims to provide elderly people with an easy and affordable online access to live cultural events (i.e. theatre, operas, museums) worldwide. Being an older person is finally the moment when people can spend more time on activities they might not have enjoyed in the past because of a busy working life. The project’s ambition is to overcome limitations connected to health, economic situation, mobility and accessibility that the elderly often face and through an IT platform allow them to comfortably access cultural events anywhere, at any time improving their quality of leisure and social participation.

Expected results and impact

  • Engagement, targeting thousands of elderly people in Europe via end user associations;
  • Network of about 100 involved cultural stakeholders in business alliance;
  • 24 months’ time-to-market;
  • Standard channel for tickets’ sales, allowing everyone to purchase a theatre, concert or exhibition event for streaming vision at home;
  • Proactive participation in self-determining own leisure time and daily lifestyle;
  • Self-confidence and commitment to expand own education and culture.


Partners involved in the STAGE project

Organization Type Country Website
CNR ITC - National Research Council, Construction Technologies Institute R&D Italy
CEDEO di Chiariglione Leonardo EC SME Italy
Accademia Nazionale Cultura Sportiva End User Italy
SIVECO Romania SA Large Industry Romania
Georama LLC SME Cyprus
ASM Market Research and Analysis Centre Ltd. SME Poland
Pannon Business Network Association End User Hungary
InfomatiX Hungary SME Hungary
Materia End User Cyprus
  • Project name: Streaming of Theatre and Arts for old aGe Entertainment
  • Website: 
  • Coordinator: National Research Council, Institute for Construction Technologies
  • Duration: 30 months
  • Starting date: 01.03.2016
  • Total budget: 1.887.824 €
  • Public contribution: 1.203.072 €


Dr. Luigi Biocca


T.: +39 0690 672 863


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