ICT for ageing well.



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Technologically speaking, T&Tnet will use a Multimodal travel and transport infrastructure (dealing with network object modelling, label correcting techniques and metaheuristic algorithms to find the shortest viable path from an origin to a destination), System intelligence and artificial reasoning (multimodal behaviour measurement, reasoning and control system (RT-MMC)), Mobile applications (iOS and Android) and a GIS social platform.

The T&Tnet project will take a user-centered approach that involves directly end-users throughout the development lifecycle. This approach will follow three basic principles : (a) an early focus on users and their needs, (b) the evaluation and measurement of product usage, and (c) an iterated design. End-users organisations (FR, SN, ZGZ) will use a variety of techniques and methods to take into account the user’s experience for the design of the product features.



The idea of T&Tnet is to provide personalised context-based multimodal and multinational social journey planning with affective capabilities and an easy to follow adaptive real time guidance making use of artificial reasoning based on an information manager (filtering and combining). This solution will allow them to carry out and solve movement tasks and problems independently. T&Tnet offers a navigation/orientation device adapted to the user’s preferences in real time, which will integrate transport information (schedule, delay, occupation …), emotions, social networks and a collaborative evolutionary platform.

Expected results and impact:

T&Tnet will re-invent from scratch the way elderly people move around cities and countries throughout Europe. Thanks to the social collaborative platform in which users will add geo-information (escalators, demonstrations, road works, etc.), the real-time trip planner based on personal and accessibility preferences; and the emotional learning engine at the core of the system, users will experience a seamless, adaptive, comfortable journey, thanks to both the mobile app and the web platform.

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Coordinator: ISOIN – Ingeniería y Soluciones Informáticas S.L.

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 July 2012

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