The project starts with initial activities to raise awareness and will directly address and involve stakeholders in the (semi-) public sector e.g. social care and recreational services for seniors, communes, town halls, museums, theatres, shopping malls, hotels etc., their clients and the public at large.
Core is a motorised toilet able to support the sitting and the stand-to-sit and sit-to-stand transition with the possibility to re-use adjustment data from preferences at home. Technology from previous iToilet AAL project (2016-2018, with focus on home use) will be adapted and enhanced for the multi-user high frequency environment in public and semi-public settings. Older persons, people with impairments and care persons will be deeply involved in the project right from the beginning. Demonstration of prototype solutions at the user sites will repeatedly serve as means to reach out for a broader audience and prepare the contacts with potential buyers.


The project develops and evaluates new types of supportive, autonomy promoting, smart toilet solutions for ageing people and persons of all ages with impairments/disabilities.

There is a lack of such smart self-adapting toilets which are able to adapt to individual needs automatically. The project aims at empowering old and disabled people to leave home and participate in societal life by providing self-adapting toilets outside home in public or semi-public environments (e.g. in community centres, town halls, shopping malls, museums, theatres, hotels, leisure and sports areas etc.).

Expected Results and Impact:

This new type of toilet support in the new application area of (semi-)public places, will contribute to the active life of older and impaired persons, including wheelchair users and bariatric persons, making it easier for them to leave home and participate in social activities outside home knowing that accessible and personalised toilets optimised for their needs and wishes are available. This supports autonomy and participation and also increases safety during the use of the toilet. T4ME2 is applicable to multiple contexts, from newly built barrier-free toilets up to the recently proposed bigger Changing Places toilets (mostly in UK).

Project Partners

Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
TU Wien (Vienna Univ. of Technology) R&D Austria www.igw.tuwien.ac.at/hci/
CareCenter Software GmbH SME Austria www.carecenter.at/
Stichting Gouden Dagen End Users The Netherlands www.goudendagen.nl/
Zorggroep Heilig Hart End Users Belgium www.h-hart.be/
BEIA Consult International SME Romania www.beiaro.eu/
On Site Foundation End Users Poland www.namiejscu.org/
Sanmedi bv SME The Netherlands www.sanmedi.nl/
cogvis software & consulting GmbH SME Austria www.cogvis.at/
Sanitronics International B.V. SME The Netherlands www.sanitronics.eu/
Santis Kft SME Hungary www.santis.org/
  • Project name: Toilet for me too, supporting active living in (semi-) public environments by suitable toilets (T4ME2)
  • Website: http://toiletforme.com/, http://toilet4me-project.eu/t4me2.html
  • Coordinator: TU Wien (Vienna Univ. of Technology)
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting Date: 01/03/2021
  • Total budget: € 249 000 000
  • Public contribution:


Paul Panek

E.: t4me2@fortec.tuwien.ac.at

T.: +43 1 58801 187713

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