OsteoLink is the first online and in-person social network dedicated to osteoporosis in Europe and Australia.

In Summer 2009, a multi-national survey commissioned by the University of Geneva, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and their partners, of over 1,600 people with osteoporosis and health professionals highlighted specific communications needs around treatment adherence challenges in osteoporosis, which persist despite widespread awareness-raising efforts.

Overall, the results indicated a need for easy-to-understand information for patients, helping them to have better conversations with their health providers.

OsteoLink was created to respond to this need and to support greater interaction in the osteoporosis community. It builds on the growth of the internet in patient advocacy.

Osteo link


  • OsteoLink was successfully created and launched in 2010
  • Osteolink went live in Austria and Sweden in December 2010
  • A total of 1,900 unique users from 16 countries (02-04/2011)
  • OsteoLink provides a range of educational materials that is scientifically validated and credible.
  • To date, 108 unique media articles have featured OsteoLink and the survey data. These have reached audiences throughout Europe and Australia.
  • 13 IOF member societies from 9 countries are actively engaged in the pilot programme.
  • In 2011, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Greece and France will go live.

Expected results and impact

  • Create the first online and in-person osteoporosis community that operates at the global and country level, addressing the educational and support needs of osteoporosis patients in Europe and Australia
  • Provide tools for better communication for people with osteoporosis and health professionals to help improve adherence
  • Encourage better dialogue among people with osteoporosis, healthcare professionals, friends and families
  • Inform the osteoporosis community about OsteoLink and its role in improving communication


Partners involved in the OsteoLink project

Organization Type Country Website
University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine, Division of Bone Diseases R&D Switzerland www.unige.ch
International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) SME Switzerland www.iofbonehealth.org
Amgen (Europe) GmbH Large Industry Switzerland www.Amgen.com
Hill & Knowlton SME United Kingdom www.Hill&Knowlton.co.uk
Action for Healthy Bones (AHB) End User Austria www.aktiongesundeknochen.at
Syzygy SME United Kingdom www.syzygy.net
  • Project name: OsteoLink (T-Break)
  • Website: http://www.osteolink.org/
  • Coordinator: International Osteoporosis Foundation – Switzerland
  • Duration: 20 Months
  • Starting Date: 01.04.2010
  • Total budget: € 1.536.668
  • Public contribution€ 411.254


Victoria Monti

E.: vmonti@iofbonehealth.org

T.: +41 22 994 01 22

Laurence Triouleyre

E.: ltriouleyre@iofbonehealth.org

T.: +41 22 994 01 22

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