Toilet4me is based on the findings of the successful AAL project iToilet which aimed to provide ICT enhanced motorised toilets, able to adapt themselves to the individual needs and preferences of the older person using the toilet. The main idea of Toilet4me is simple but challenging: As iToilet already demonstrated the benefits for supporting persons during toilet use at home, we now want to proceed and explore a totally new way of offering this type of supportive toilet in places outside the own home. Offering the support in places which older persons frequently visit or would like to visit (currently unable to do due to lack of suitable toilet facilities) will allow people to participate in society more, which will contribute to their independence and quality of life. With a service which allows the user to always “take his/her own preference settings with him/her in the pocket”, a lot of new possibilities can be offered to several user groups. Toilet4me together with end users will elaborate the requirements for such service.


The area of personal hygiene and toilet use is an important area in daily life which unfortunately has not yet found much interest in the AAL community. Toilet4me addresses ageing people and persons of all ages with impairments/disabilities and their needs when using a toilet outside home in public or semi-public environments (e.g. in community centres, shopping malls, theatres, hotels etc.). The aim of Toilet4me is to elaborate and verify a detailed concept for a potential future larger RDI project for actually implementing and evaluating the envisaged Toilet4me system.

Expected results and impact

For older persons and persons with impairments/disabilities improved body stability by optimal sitting height, supporting sitting-down and standing-up transition, improved safety and thereby motivation/empowerment to leave home and participate in social and active life. For secondary users reduced workload, and enhanced possibilities of providing for outside activities. For institutions, hotels, other semi-public places offering better service for community, enter important emerging market (accessible tourism).


Partners involved in the Toilet4me project

Organization Type Country Website
TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) R&D Austria
CareCenter Software GmbH SME Austria
Resto VanHarte End User The Netherlands
Instituto Pedro Nunes R&D Portugal
BEIA Consult International SME Romania
Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra End User Portugal
Sanmedi bv SME The Netherlands
Ihcare, Lda SME Portugal
  • Project name: Toilet4me – Study on personalised toilets supporting active living in (semi-) public environments
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Starting date: 11/2018
  • Total budget: € 280.001   (t.b.c.)
  • Public contribution: € 198.846   (t.b.c.)


Paul Panek


T.: +43 1 58801 187713

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