The TSBank system will allow to match elderly volunteer work with the needs of people looking for help in particular areas.  The platform will be built on a modular system, where there’s a single base core of features on top of which operate a series of modules dedicated to specific volunteer work areas. Initial modules are tourism (helping visitors), sitting (taking care of people or pets), and consultancy (information on specific areas), with flexibility to add more. A rating system will allow both the service providers (elderly) and the service users to rate each other, implementing a trust system that helps other TSBank users to select whom to work with.  To develop and validate the platform, a number of elderly people will be invited to participate, which will be done by taking advantage of the consortium partners’ many contacts in that area. These elderly will be involved in module design and later pilot validation, being asked to provide feedback via questionnaires, focus groups, and computed assisted web interviews (CAWI).


The elderly often have large amounts of free time and high skill in specific areas. TSBank aims to give the elderly a way to use their time and skills in a way that is useful to society, enabling them to be active and feel needed, contributing to their well-being and reducing their dependency on care giving. To this end, TSBank will develop, validate, and deploy an online platform that allows the elderly to volunteer their skills and time to perform work on a set of areas. People looking for support can then consult the platform to look for volunteers that match the sought needs, and the platform puts both parties in contact.

Expected results and impact

TSBank will develop and validate a web-based service that will match volunteer elderly work with specific work needs, as well as prepare the exploitation of that service post-project. TSBank impact will include, among others:

  • improve the quality of life of the participant elderly by giving them a way to help others and use their time productively, which will increase their happiness and self-esteem;
  • reduce the stress on care-givers and family by giving the elderly a way to use their time;
  • develop an innovative matching service that serves as model for future similar services.


Partners involved in the TSBank project

Organization Type Country Website
IncreaseTime, SA SME Portugal www.increasetime.pt
Ana International Foundation End User Romania www.brainaging.ro
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland R&D Switzerland www.supsi.ch
  • Project name: Time and Skill Bank for Active Aging
  • Website: http://www.tsbank.eu
  • Coordinator: Increase Time, S.A.
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Starting date: 01.06.2016
  • Total budget: 723,000.00 €
  • Public contribution: 621,900.00 €


Gil Gonçalves

E.: gil.goncalves@itime.pt

T.: +351 229 396 355


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