The project has been designed to develop, through co-creation and explorative market analysis, sustainable concept(s) for supportive technology that matches the needs of older persons living with HIV in order to manage and improve their quality of life. Based on the collective results a plan and a consortium for further development and commercialisation will be established.

The consortium includes four end user group organisations in three countries involving primary (older HIV patients) and secondary end users (HIV physicians, social workers, HIV nurses, relatives, formal carers, general practitioners). With the expertise of co-creation leader Waag, Institute for Art, Science & Technology, we are certain to co-create ICT concepts that meet the needs and aspirations of older HIV patients once implemented.


Infection with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is no longer an inevitable, terrifying death sentence. With the advent of effective antiretroviral therapy, HIV has been turned into a chronic illness that can be managed in the context of a life expectancy that is pretty close to normal. Living longer, however, is not the same as living in good health with a good quality of life: The lives of the growing population of older persons living with HIV are disproportionately affected by a serious number of physical, mental and social challenges. U-TOPIA sets the first step towards the empowerment of older HIV patients.

Expected results and impact

U-TOPIA is a small collaborative project preparing the ground for further R&D activities regarding older people with HIV. Its direct impact is expected on market development through technology and market research. Its indirect impacts are: patient surveys and the co-creation approach (direct patient observations, interviews with a high human-interest factor) will allow to adequately understand the ‘customer base’, the 50+ HIV patients. This provides an opportunity to fine-tune a business strategy and increase the chances for successful market development in this specific demographic segment.


Partners involved in the U-TOPIA project

Organization Type Country Website
JOANNEUM RESEARCH R&D Austria www.joanneum.at
UTOPIA_BXL End User Belgium
GezondheidFabriek R&D The Netherlands www.gezondheidfabriek.nl
HIV Vereniging Nederland End User The Netherlands www.hivvereniging.nl
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa End User Portugal www.scml.pt
ABRACO End User Portugal www.abraco.pt
OnlineSeminar Large Industry Belgium www.onlineseminar.be
Waag R&D The Netherlands www.waag.org
  • Project name: Towards Empowering Older Persons Living with HIV – U-TOPIA
  • Website: www.u-topia.joanneum.at
  • Coordinator: JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Starting date: 01.12.2018
  • Total Budget: € 250.000
  • Public Contribution: € 200.000


Kurt Majcen

E.: kurt.majcen@joanneum.at

T.: +433168761636

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