A wearable solution for gathering a urine sample will be developed to allow persons who suffer from incontinence or/and dementia the most possible mobility and independency and to protect their dignity. Ideally the product is as comfortable as an incontinence diaper. It will be applicable for men and women. The affected persons do not have to sit on the toilet or lie in bed until there is enough urine collected. A sensor applied to the product will notify the caregivers via an app when there is enough urine collected. From the very first beginning end-users are involved in the process and additionally specialists, like doctors and laboratory technicians, will be consulted. Testing of the prototype will be done both in outpatient care and inpatient long-term care in Denmark and The Netherlands, whereby users are affected persons as well as caregivers. Quantitative data, like the quality and amount of the urine, and qualitative findings in form of questionnaire
and interviews will be evaluated and reported.


To get a urine sample for medical diagnosis is unworthy and painful for elderly who suffer from incontinence or/and dementia, because they are left alone for a long time on the toilet or because of applying a catheter. Ucollect will develop a comfortable and
wearable solution to collect urine with a notification function. At the end of the project, a tested prototype should be available. This solution will relief the daily routine of caregivers, will save time for other important tasks like emotional affection and will
support mobility and independency of the elderly. But most of all it will protect the dignity of affected persons.

Expected Results and Impact

A physical prototype including a sensor and an app will be developed and the proof of concept will be done. A business plan and a roadmap for the further development will be created, so that the product will come to market-ready in two additional years. The product will relief the caregivers in their strict schedules and reduce their bad feelings when leaving the elderly alone. It will support the autonomy of the elderly.


Partners involved in the project

Organization Type Country Website
Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences R&D Austria www.fhv.at
Brønderslev Municipality End Users Denmark
Texible GmbH SME Austria www.texible.at
LifeSense Group B.V. SME Netherlands www.lifesense-group.com
Archipel Zorggroep End User Netherlands www.archipelzorggroep.nl
  • Project name: Wearable and innovative solution to collect urine samples from senior citizens for health
    and care purposes (Ucollect)
  • Website: 
  • Coordinator: Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • Duration: 9 Months
  • Starting Date: 04/2021
  • Total budget: € 390 346
  • Public contribution:


Karin Trommelschläger

E.: Karin.trommelschlaeger@fhv.at

T.:  +43 5572 792 7307

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