The understAID project focuses on easing the lives of informal caregivers and directly addressing their currently unmet needs for accessible educational support. The solution will be based on new user-centred, personalised and context-based e-learning models that will provide customised and relevant guidance on how to deal with dementia and their inflicted relatives. The project’s major novelty consists of the development of a sophisticated search methodology – based on advanced interactive profiling and surveying methods – for matching learning material and content with an individual’s situational context and needs. This represents considerable advancements over today’s information search and classification system. understAID will help the informal caregiver look ahead to and prepare for future situations and thus provide prophylactic content in mobile and web applications. The understAID solutions will involve and be tested among end users in Denmark, Spain and Poland – and individuals heavily burdened by demented relatives will constitute the main target group. After testing, the consortium expects to start commercialising understAID solutions 6 months post-project in the 3 countries.


The project will build an application to help informal caregivers of demented people (typically a spouse or an adult child) understand and aid their demented relatives and help them manage their new life situation.

Expected results and impact

understAID will significantly improve the quality of life of informal caregivers by providing accessible information and relevant support. The services will increase the quality of care and caregivers’ confidence in performing care and help to reduce the physical, psychological and financial burden of dementia on caregivers. The total estimated worldwide costs of dementia were €465 billion in 2010. The consortium will mobilise resources and key stakeholders, possibly large players with strong market access, to bring the solution to these markets.


Partners involved in the understAID project

Organization Type Country Website
VIA University College R&D Denmark www.viauc.com
Sekoia Assisted Living ApS SME Denmark www.sekoia.dk
The Centre of Supercomputing of Galicia – CESGA R&D Spain www.cesga.es
Balidea Consulting and Programming SME Spain www.Balidea.com
Poznan University of Medical Sciences R&D Poland www.pums.ump.edu.pl
Danish Alzheimer Association End User Denmark www.alzheimer.dk
The Gerontological Complex La Milagrosa – UDP A Coruña End User Spain www.centrolamilagrosa.org/lamilagrosa
Ortopedyczno-Rehabilitacyjny Szpital Kliniczny nr 4 im. W. Degi End User Poland www.orsk.ump.edu.pl
Skanderborg Municipality End User Denmark www.skanderborg.dk
  • Project name: A platform that helps informal caregivers to understand and aid their demented relatives.
  • Website: www.understAID.com
  • Coordinator: VIA University College, Denmark
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • Starting Date: 11.04.2013
  • Total budget: € 1.526.217
  • Public contribution: € 962.846


Hanne Wacher Kjaergaard

E.: hwk@viauc.dk

T.: +45 8755 3095

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