ICT for ageing well.



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Be Well – VictoryaHome – Create Possibilities; this is the vision of a project that does not depend on automated functions, but augments them with immediate human presence when needed or desired by older adults or their caregivers.


What if at Irene’s home there was a robot that “knows” what is happening with her in the house and share this knowledge with her carers? It does not tell all it knows, but will let them know when there might be a problem. The robot knows its user, if she took medication and when, whether she is taking enough water, what her activity level is or if she has fallen down and it can automatically call for help.


At this stage the carer can come in the house “virtually” using the tele-presence function. The robot will put in Irene’s hands the responsibility of drinking water more frequently, taking her medicines on time and being more active. She knows this will let her carers stay informed regarding key status indicators and activities, showing she is OK so that the carers will feel more confident.


The tele-presence function of the robot is the starting point and it will be expanded with additional services. This will be done based upon an iterative design process with older adults, informal carers, formal carers and other stakeholders. Four trials will take place in Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Portugal where older adults at home will interact with remote informal carers and professional carers using the developed VictoryaHome services.



Living the way you want to. Active and healthy ageing together with the people we love. Isn’t it what we all wish for ourselves and our beloved ones? VictoryaHome is a project that aims to help and enable people to live their lives the way they want, and to help people care for each other. Important values are: peace of mind, pleasure, never being alone, safe and secure, feeling connected, sharing feelings and experiences, helping the helpers, personal care and making caring popular.

Expected results and impact:

Our goal is to reach a 10% market penetration in the care organizations associated with the trials. Strong collaboration takes place between the business strategy and the care processes. This is vital to ensure a solution that satisfies the needs of the older adults and their caregivers. Initial commitments from the consortium partners were already expressed at the kick-off to guarantee a sustainable set of services after the project has ended.

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Coordinator: Stichting Smart Homes

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 April 2013

Total budget: 2.36 Million

Public contribution: 1.31 Million


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