ICT for ageing well.



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The VIRGILIUS project will implement a system which will provide services to be tested in the following scenarios:


Hospital orientation: Considering the difficulties the elderly encounter when orienting themselves, especially in big Hospitals, the Perugia Hospital has shown interest in a system able to provide the necessary support to the elderly to move around the hospital.

To this aim, the development of a navigation and guidance application in an indoor complex environment has been taken into account.

By means of an easy device to be provided at the Hospital entrance and on which the dedicated personnel have loaded the “pre-trip” of the person, the elderlyperson will be able to go around the Hospital

Travel support-pedestrian guide: This scenario has been taken into account to answer to the elderly person’s need to have a simple and international “guiding-device” while travelling around the world. To this aim, the navigation and guidance application in an indoor complex environment developed for the previous scenario will be upgraded with an outdoor navigation functionally in order to provide to the users a device able to support their movements in both cases and everywhere in the world, ensuring the continuity and affordability of the services. In this case, the system will be able to provide the management and related filtering of the information, providing indication and sending location info and/or alarm to the elder’s family.

In particular, the developed services and products will be used by elders, who travel without family or caregiver, in order to benefit from a virtual guide inside the Romanian Museum (ticket office, exits, toilet, a guide to the museum) and, if there is a need, to send alarms to the family. Additionally, the family can check the location of the elderly on a virtual platform.




The goal of VIRGILIUS is to provide a seamless transnational out- and indoor location and navigation service to elders, integrated with a set of value added services centred on the person, with the aim to support their well-being while on the move.

The system/service will be applicable to different life situations as well as adaptable to different users’ needs and requirement depending on capabilities, attitude, country of origin and of destination and education.


Expected results and impact:



The target of the project is to provide a simple, accessible, usable and intuitive system with a personalised interface adaptable to changing end-users “abilities” and requirements. Increase the elders’ mobility guaranteeing a high level of autonomy and enhancing the person’s individual sense of confidence, autonomy, competence, security and safety.



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University of GenevaR&

Coordinator: Telespazio S.p.A

Duration: 30 Months

Starting Date: 01 June 2012

Total budget: 3.212.863,90 €

Public contribution: 1.594.043,66 €


Pierpaolo Pilloni
Telespazio S.p.A.
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