Ageing is a multidimensional process of change in the physical, mental and social domain, which ultimately leads to functional decline. In a human-centred design process, a training solution will be developed that is applicable and adaptable to many of the “Geriatric Giants”, i.e. the “five I’s”: immobility, instability (falls), incontinence, intellectual impairment, and iatrogenic complications. To help formulate individualised interventions,
VITAAL will consider walking as the sixth vital signal. In fact, in the older population, reduced usual or preferred walking speed is strongly associated with increased risk for disability, cognitive impairment, falls, and all-cause mortality. The proposed solution will be designed for large screens (TVs) through HDMI dongles and all exercises will be monitored using simple wearable motion sensors and guided by user-friendly Exergames. 20 users in each country (Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Canada) will participate in extended field trials.


VITAAL is an evidence-based solution for an effective, target-oriented training that promotes health and independence in older adults with i) cognitive deficits, ii) an increased fall risk or iii) people suffering from urinary incontinence. Even if several parameters of a gait analysis would be useful to determine the health status of a person – a comprehensive gait analysis cannot be offered on a larger scale so far. VITAAL bridges
the gap between analysis and intervention which, to this date, is unique: A gait analysis will help to assess the end-user and specific individualised interventions help achieving a higher quality of life in people with different conditions.

Expected results and impact

Target group of VITAAL is the general ageing population threatened to develop mobility related impairments of functioning. This project will be the first to use walking speed and variability measures of walking as vital signs for the identification of threats to the health status of older individuals. By linking a specific gait speed assessment to a personalised intervention, VITAAL is an effective tool to promote health status, independence and life quality in older adults.


Partners involved in the VITAAL project

Organization Type Country Website
Dividat AG SME Switzerland
Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research R&D Portugal
ETH Zürich R&D Switzerland
Université de Montreal R&D Canada
KU Leuven End User Belgium
ProCare (Belgium) SME Belgium
Physio SPArtos SME Switzerland
  • Project name: Using walking speed and variability assessment for personalised interventions on Geriatric Giants (VITAAL)
  • Website:
  • Coordinator: Dividat AG
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting date: 01.05.2018
  • Total budget: 2,36 mi €
  • Public contribution: 1,6 mi €


Bujar Badalli


T.: +41 78 987 48 84


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