ICT for ageing well.



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Vizier proposes a modular and extendable “open architecture” hardware and software solution that includes a home system composed of a range of sensors, IoT appliances, a social companion (presented as a robot or virtual human) and a set of applications to allow the elderly to access existing popular but difficult to use (online) technologies and IoT technologies. Vizier will be built solely with the users in mind benefitting from the co-creation approach, which is a strong user-centric methodology where users are involved in every step of the product development. Together with the end-users, the project aims to identify popular online services and affordable IoT appliances that can help the elderly in their daily life, and develop an innovative solution aiming at making these technologies accessible to the elderly to better their life quality. The vizier prototype will be deployed in elderly houses for practical validation. New tailor-made evaluation approaches will be used during the pilots, investigating the impact and acceptance level of the Vizier solution.


Vizier strives to improve the lives of the elderly by providing them with the tools to live healthy and independently for a long period. It aims to design and develop an innovative solution for elderly users to close the digital divide and empower elderly users to fully benefit from the latest technological innovations to improve the management of their daily lives and to stay physically, mentally and socially active. Through an intuitive and natural user interface, the envisaged intelligent system solution aims to support the elderly in their daily lives and to promote behaviour change.

Expected results and impact:

Vizier aims to develop an “open architecture”, which facilitates the development of an ecosystem and the possibilities for setting up partnership agreements that renders the product and services more commercially viable and scalable. Vizier will achieve a high commercialisation value, with the inclusion of existing proven technologies in combination cutting edge research solutions. The project strives to have a working prototype validated and evaluated in two countries at the end of the project. Vizier’s time-to-market perspective is estimated to be two years after the project end, where MyHomecare and its subcontractor Salaso, an experienced business partner in the domain, will strive to commercialise the product.

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Servisource Healthcare Ltd T/A MyhomecareEnd
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Coordinator: University of Geneva

Duration: 36 Months

Starting Date: 01 January 2017

Total budget: € 3,7 Mil

Public contribution: € 1,8 Mil


Dimitri Konstantas
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