The proposed solution will be based on existing high end ICT technologies available for development HTML5 & Android apps, scalable middleware and interconnection between these two components, data mining and storage using both relational database and Big Data storage. The most challenging component to be developed is an automatic certification tool that will search for usability and accessibility rules to be fulfilled from application source code.  To validate the tools for developers, will be created a group of 15 skilled and recognised developers outside the project consortium  that will follow-up the developments done. Two end-user organisations (COOSS from Italy and Cognitiva from Spain), as well as a research institution in the AAL field, HSLU-iHomeLab from Switzerland, are involved in the project to ensure the users’ perspective is fully integrated into zocAALo platform. This approach will also ensure a transnational solution, which will take into account Europe’s cultural, organisational and market diversity.


The main aims of the zocAALo project are – to develop, deploy and evaluate a platform that will facilitate the widespread uptake of accessible and easy-to-use AAL apps for elderly people across Europe, apps that will be certified as suitable for the needs and features of elderly people; to provide caregivers with tools to adopt existing apps for helping their current services or build new ones and share them with the community, and even find new revenues by doing so; to provide validated tools for the AAL developers community to improve efficiency and synergetic development of AAL apps.

Expected results and impact

zocAALo is focusing to the group of elder people living alone and want to preserve its capacity for autonomy at home and improve their quality of life. This product is also aimed at the elderly already having different capabilities to be exercised like symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases. zocAALo will support caregivers and professionals with an easy-to-use and select certified and adapted apps for elder people better assistance. The service will be promoted to the end-users mainly caregiver organisations, public municipalities, insurance companies, will be targeted to work as distribution channels.


Partners involved in the zocAALo project

Organization Type Country Website
Eurohelp Consulting S.L. SME Spain www.eurohelp.es
Ideable Solutions SLL SME Spain www.ideable.net
Cognitiva S.L. SME Spain www.cognitivaunidadmemoria.com
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Engineering & Architecture CEESAR-iHomeLab R&D Switzerland www.ihomelab.ch
YouPers AG SME Switzerland www.youpers.com
COOSS Cooperativa Sociale Large Industry Italy www.cooss.it
Exthex GmbH SME Austria www.exthex.com
  • Project name: Platform for widespread uptake of certified, accessible and easy-to-use AAL mobile apps in Europe – zocAALo
  • Website: www.zocaalo.eu
  • CoordinatorEurohelp Consulting S.L.
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Starting Date: 01.10.2015
  • Total budget: € 2.450.522,00
  • Public contribution: € 1.405.865,00


Silvana Zegianini Gomez

E.: szegianini@eurohelp.es

T.: +34 94 439 54 60

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