Upcoming AAL2Business activities in February/March

AAL2Business has just published a wide array of activities that all AAL project participants can use to make sure their projects lead to market success!

All of the courses are free, but remember to register in time for each of them!

Any questions? Do not hesitate to contact aal2business team at info@aal2business.com

Lean Start-Up Academy, 24-25 February, 2021

The Lean Startup Academy provides AAL projects with a valuable opportunity to validate their business model and increase their commercial traction. AAL projects will be guided by a business coach in identifying priority customers, the best fitting value proposition and the right channels to reach them out.

This session is the first of a set of three workshops, which compose a 3 months-long course, aimed at taking participating teams through the right steps to rapidly develop and test novel solutions.

Webinar: Crowdfunding – involving the crowd to finance your innovation, 18 February 2021, 2.00 PM CET

Over the last several years crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular option for both entrepreneurs and investors. 

The goal of AAL2Business webinar on 18 February 2021, 2.00 PM is to give practical advice which aspects have to be considered to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and how crowdfunding can be used to validate a potential market. 

Go-to-Market Launchpad: 11 March 2021, 2:00 PM CET

This workshop is the opening event of the Go-to-Market Launchpad, a 2-month long course dedicated to growth stage AAL funded projects with a mature marketing strategy. Through targeted training and coaching activities, every steps of the Go-to-Market Launchpad aims to help AAL projects to catch the attention of different categories of investors.

The participants will learn how to present a business value proposition in a clear and convincing way, being able to explain the potential of their business idea.

Webinar: Early-stage investors (who they are and what they are looking for), 4 March, 2.00 PM CET

Being investment ready can make or break a business. It is therefore crucial for high growth entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures to identify and approach the right investors.

This webinar aims to prepare early-stage start-ups to approach the right investor knowing in advance the rules of the game to increase their chances to be successful in securing finance and establishing with investors a fair collaborative governance framework until the exit moment.

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