End users

Why do we care so much about users?

The AAL Programme operates in a crucial domain for the future of humankind: the technology we finance and support on its way to market will most probably be the tools that will help us all age better in the upcoming years. For these reasons, testing the solutions developed with a greater number of users becomes extremely important. It help us:

  • To determine actual user needs instead of merely guessing or generalising can make the difference between a real innovation for users or simply an interesting technical development for the shelf.
  • To use appropriate methodologies to integrate users throughout the innovation process is a very effective way to determine their wants and needs, but also to learn about their fears and worries.
  • And finally, because it is ethical and we keep the human beings always in the centre of our programme.

For all these reasons, we published some important documents, which can be considered of essential reference for the projects before, during and after their lyfe-cycle.

Getting older adults really involved

The art and joy of user integration in AAL projects

A White paper for the integration of users, from idea creation to product testing and business model development.

AAL Stakeholders and their requirements

A collection of characteristics and requirements of primary, secondary, and tertiary users of AAL solutions, and a guideline for user-friendly AAL design.

Toolbox: Methods of end users integration

A selection of best practice methods.

Document usage survey

Are our documents used?

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