2019 AAL Impact Assessment

The AAL Programme has been running for ten years and the first wave of 153 funded projects were launched between 2008-2013. To explore the impact of these projects, an analysis has been carried out, whereby project participants were sent a survey questionnaire in Spring 2019 and data was collected for 52 projects with 70 respondents.

The AAL Programme’s goal is to improve the quality of life of older adults through innovative digital solutions created momentum in a challenging and fragmented market environment. 

The main highlights of the Programme were:

  • Introducing multi-disciplinary and participatory approaches in the co-design, testing and commercialisation strategy of innovative solutions for improving the quality of life of older adults and their carers directly with the end users.
  • Supporting knowledge sharing, building confidence and trust, and creating value networks across stakeholder groups and industry sectors.
  • Raising profile for AAL solutions in the investor community via the organisation of pitching events.


1 out of 3 surveyed projects  launched a solution or a component on the market

  • The solutions brought to market include innovative devices for use in the home and platforms designed to bring different communities together, including a collaboration platforms for formal carers, informal carers, and for the wider community.

Offering project participants an international network for collaboration

  • 76% of the survey respondents that have launched a solution on the market stated that without AAL funding they could not have brought this to market


  • 90% of survey respondents indicated that the AAL promoted collaboration and networking across the EU.


  • 55% of survey respondents found that the learning and experience they acquired were relevant to other EU regions and countries

The solutions developed deliver value in multiple areas of life of older adults

  • End-user involvement throughout the projects (from design to testing) helped bringing solutions to market addressing the needs of users.


  • The AAL Programme has helped lay the foundation for new market segments that are inclusive of the needs of older people.

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