A European Agenda for demographic change & ageing well at last!

Dear AAL community,

Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, the current EU Presidency Trio for the period of July 2020 until December 2021 have recently issued a joint Declaration on Ageing.

The three signing countries highlight the urgency for European societies to adapt to demographic change occurring in concert with the other major challenges of climate change and digitalisation of our economies in this new decade.

The Declaration stresses a human rights-based approach for ageing well, in order to ensure that increased life expectancy is accompanied with continuous good health and economic conditions.

The Trio calls for a focus on improving the international human rights system through appropriate legislation. Special attention is given to the importance of the upcoming EC Green Paper on Ageing. A wide range of opportunities to ensure active and healthy ageing is put forward based on life-course management approaches, intergenerational solidarity and the protection of people of all ages enshrined in an international human rights regime.

The AAL Assocation welcomes this joint declaration for mainstreaming ageing related matters in all policy areas. While also making the case to invest in services and opportunities for our ageing populations, Europe has the opportunity to take leadership in developing its ‘silver economy’.

Ageing concerns us all and therefore needs to be considered and taken care of by all of us together. Inclusiveness will combat ageism and a positive narrative on ageing well will turn a perceived societal liability into on of Europe’s greatest assets. ‘Silver is the new green’ as expressed during the first European Week of Active & Healthy Ageing in November 2020. We look forward to working together with the consecutive EU Presidencies and EU Commission  in 2021 to turn declarations and green papers into concrete actions.

Peter Saraga, President of the AAL Association

Klaus Niederlander, Director of the AAL Programme

Read the full Declaration here

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