A strong Commitment for the future of the AAL JP


Brussels, 7 October – Almost 1300 participants made the AAL Forum 2012 a great success. The event, which is the annual event of the Ambient Assisted Joint Programme (AAL JP), took place in Eindhoven -The Netherlands- from 24 to 27 September. The Forum is an initiative offered to for policy makers, researchers and stakeholders to share best practice, achievements and methodologies, as well as to discuss the main policy priorities and innovation directions in the field of ICT for active and healthy aging at the European level.


Ahead of the 2012 edition, the Partner States involved in the AAL JP  declare a strong commitment to the activities it has worked to develop over the past five years with close support and joint funding from the European Commission.


The AALA confirms its appreciation of this joint programme as a mechanism to deliver innovative solutions to allow older adults to live independently for longer. The AALA also re-iterates its commitment to find new ways to improve wellbeing and quality of life for older adults. This needs to be achieved at the same time as delivering benefits for the health and social care systems across Europe so that they can remain sustainable despite the demographic shift that is already underway. Establishing the AALA and developing the operations and procedures to support a joint programme across 23 countries has been a major success.


Read the full AALA Eindhoven declaration in pdf

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