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Award 2016: deadline extended. Apply now!

A competition worth €5000

The race is on again this year for the AAL Award 2016. In its sixth edition, this competition selects the most promising project of the AAL Programme after a long procedure of selection, which involves the running projects and it is evaluated by a panel of experts. This award is intended to recognize the most promising project of the AALP that demonstrates great promise in terms of:

  • Innovation;
  • Human-centric approaches to development;
  • Market potential;

The competition will take place on 27 September 2016 in plenary modality at the AAL Forum in St. Gallen – Switzerland.


The AAL  Programme has invested significantly in more some 150 projects since 2008 and several of them are now beginning to show results and demonstrating real market potential. With the goal of boosting our projects to always improve the quality of their work and their capacity “to sell themselves”, the AALP instituted the AAL Award in 2011. We believe that the award is important and will help to create and raise levels of awareness of the AALP progress, and results from the projects, whilst at the same time highlighting the core ideas behind the AAL  programme.


The format of the award was conceived in an effort to enables project’s coordinator and consortium to work with a more market oriented attitude. The final contest, which will be taking place during the AAL Forum, is conceived along the lines of the “dragon’s den”  where each project pitches to “convince” the panel of evaluators and the audience. Each presenter has 5 minutes to explain the level of innovation – in terms of novelty of concept, approach to the development of the solution from both technological and social perspectives; the level and quality of end user integration and potential to improve the quality of life for older adults, their families, carers and significant others; and the market potential for the project – based on the analysis and understanding of the current and future AAL market trends as well as competition.


Participate to this plenary, your vote will count!





It is all very serious and in St. Gallen we expect to put on stage high-quality pitches.

  • Are you a regional player looking for new ICT technology to bring in your territory?
  • Are you a project participant looking for inspiration?
  • Are you an investor interested in the AAL market and you are looking for a close to market solution?

You should all come to see this engaging plenary session at the AAL Forum 2016. This year your vote, the one of the audience, will count too. Along with the main award, we will have the AAL Award of the public.

If you are an AAL funded project and want to participate fill in this template and send it to and by 16 June 2016 at 5CET.


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