Call 2019 preliminary results

First meaningful findings are emerging

The AAL Call 2019 focused on “Sustainable Smart Solutions for Ageing well” was closed on 24 May. The Call, which is the 12th one published by the Programme since its inception in 2008, received 82 applications, out of which:

  • 57 were collaborative projects
  • and 25 were small collaborative projects

Following the central eligibility check, 81 applications were admitted to the evaluation.

Several application areas were addressed by the received proposals; among these bio-dynamic lighting, cardiovascular diseases, smart t-shirts, maintaining intimacy, prevention of prolonged grief after the loss of a spouse and many more.

These preliminary results are very positive since AAL is experiencing exponential growth of proposal submitted over the last 4 calls. This might be due to the adoption of the Small Collaborative Project, the growing interest towards the matter of ageing well in a digitalized world, as well as a more targeted communication and dissemination of the Programme, both at the central and national level.

The evaluation of the proposals is taking place in these days and is expected to be concluded by late July. After, the AAL Programme General Assembly is expected to approve the ranking list by the end of August. Proposers will be notified of the results by early September.


Stay tuned on the Programme website to discover the results and statistics report, that will be published in the next months!


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