CogvisAI combines 3D fall sensing technology with artificial intelligence, meaning not only will it detect falls when they happen, but it will also prevent falls from happening. It does this by sensing if a person is moving, by getting out of bed for example, and then alerting the care giver who can assist and so prevent any fall from happening.

While the AAL project that led to the launch of this product started and ended several years ago now, the company has also gone through many changes.  In 2017 it decided to focus only on the health and care sector. “We believe that with our expertise in technology, we can really make a difference and help people,” says Rainer Planinc of Cogvis.

As you will hear in our interview with him, Rainer believes that people are much more aware of how important care is in our society and the need to change some aspects of how care is managed, too. “Our carers using Fearless tell us that while they may have been forced to have reduced contact with their patients, these people feel safer and more connected because of our technology.”

Interview with Rainer Planinc

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