Coordinator’s day

The presentations

After a very constructive meeting, we would like to offer you the possibility to view again the presentations of the coordinator’s day.


1. Karina Marcus, AALA CMU,  AAL Reporting

2. Alain Thielemans, IWT Flanders, National Monitoring

3. Arto Wallin, VTT, AAL2Business , Business development tools

4. Cornelia Scneider, Challenges Confidence

5. Djamel Khadraoui, Experience LIST

6. Nicola Filizola, AALA CMU, Communication Guidelines

7. Rodd Bond, HAIVISIO

8. Christoph Nedopil, YOUSE, End-user integration

9. Cornelia Schneider,CareinMovement user integration

10. Irina Mocanu, CAMI user integration

11. Carlo Chiatti, Home4Dem user integration

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