Our projects are starting to deliver to market and are getting more and more interesting to private investors

As a result of two projects funded by the AAL Joint programme, Excite and  Happy Walker, two companies developed marketed solutions that are now being selected to take part to the first ground investor event at the MED Tech 2014, which is taking place in Lausanne on April 2014.




VISION Localization Systems, a partner of Happy Walker project (AAL JP Call 4), designs, develops and commercializes localization systems specialized for persons with high risk of getting lost, with the goal of improving the quality of life of these people and their families.


Their flagship product is Keruve, a solution for wandering and lose of autonomy problems in persons with Alzheimer’s or mild dementia. Keruve is compound of a discreet wristwatch locator with a security clasp for the person with Alzheimer’s, and an easy to use portable receiver for the caregiver or family (commonly elderly persons). Whenever the caregivers feel uneasy, they just have to press the “Locate” button to see directly where the elderly with dementia is. It locates without distance limits, has four positioning systems (SBAS-GPS, V-indoor, V-Cellid, T-GSM), and sends an alarm to the family in case it leaves the security zone fixed or detects low battery.



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Giraff, partner of Excite project (AAL JP Call 2) is a mobile telepresence service specifically designed for home and elderly care. Described by some as “Skype on wheels,” Giraff allows caregivers to virtually visit a home from their laptop/PC and move about freely just as if they were physically there. Caregivers can use Giraff to initiate social contact with elderly residents; manage health care activities such as medication adherence, check-in visits or use of biometric devices; respond to an urgent situation (e.g. an environmental or physiological alarm), or simply to a request by the resident.



The Giraff service comes with many support tools for the care organization including a knowledge base for planning, implementation and economic modelling. There are now nearly 100 Giraffs in 9 EU countries and company has a rapidly growing knowledge base on using Giraff to improve quality of life for elderly and extend the time they can live safely at home.


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The MEDTECH 2014 is a major meeting place for  investors including VC’s, angel investors, leading MedTech corporations, private wealth holders, family offices and many more. To know more about the MedTECH 2014 you can visit this webpage.

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