improving lifestyle of older workers in their companies

Who said that ageing at work is frustrating?

The current socio-economic situation in Europe is forcing the European governments to increase the retirement age and several studies have shown that working beyond traditional retirement age can be beneficial for health. In addition, it should not be disregarded that senior employees are an important part of the human capital of an organization because of their vast amount of experience. However, one of the most important barriers to harness this experience from the elderly employees in the organizations is the lack of innovative solutions that can assist elderly employees to be active and efficient at work without risking their health that is able to transfer their valuable knowledge to younger employees. There is a myth about elderly adults that claims they cannot learn new things easily. Nevertheless, research shows learning is not an age-dependent factor, but the learning process simply changes with age. The fact is that evolutionary technologies can affect the current working environment in a short period and may facilitate the learning of new skills quickly to be competent in an organization.

AAL funds innovative approaches

The partners of Active@Work are developing a solution that provides companies with a platform to help their elderly employees, transferring their knowledge to the next generation, learn new skills easier without providing extra pressure and stress, and stay active and effective at work.

To provide an appropriate learning platform aligned with elderly learning necessities, seven partners have joined and the Active@Work consortium was created. Active@Work is an AAL programme funded project, with the aim to create an assisting solution that should help elderly employees to remain active at work.


Visit the dedicated page of this project to learn more.



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