Bringing projects to market

This AAL2Business  Methodology Workshop will take place in Brussels on May 11th, 2017.


New business development principles (e.g. business model design, lean startup, and customer development) are radically changing the ways that R&D is transformed into commercial success stories.

If you are an AAL funded participant and want to find out how your project can apply these principles, and you are keen to learn how to validate your project concept to move ahead to market, then this is the workshop for you!



Such an event is free of charge, (ONLY open to AAL project participants) and it is one of the initiatives of the AAL2Business Support Action. It is mainly tailored for professionals in the project consortiums who are responsible for the commercial results and for those who are interested in learning and discussing how business models can be designed and validated within the framework of AAL projects. Please note that despite the participation to the event is free, the costs beard for travel and accommodations will not be reimbursed.


What is the added value of being involved in this?

  • Getting familiar with the main principles for business design, validation and fast iteration (e.g. business model canvas, lean startup, customer development).
  • You will get to understand how AAL projects can also apply these new principles to rapidly design and test business models and value propositions that are viable in the future’s AAL markets.
  • You will get to learn how and where to lead your project direction.

What do you get?

  • You will receive training on how to build business models with highly iterative methods;
  • You will learn how to validate business models and value propositions in small groups together with business experts, who will provide support and mentoring during the workshop;
  • You will share challenges and best practices in business development.


For more information about the agenda and to register click here

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