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AAL Forum 2013, Norrköping, Sweden


The primary keyword chosen for AAL Forum 2013 was ”Impact” – How to make real impact with new solutions and learn from those who had experience from applications in real environments. It is now a widespread perception in the AAL Community that the main obstacles are related to market adoption and scaling up. Impact may mean increased autonomy for older adults, which was the theme of the forum Track A, or benefits for the society, the theme of Track B. On the other side it may also mean a boost for the economy, as covered by Track C.

The proceedings of the Swedish Forum are also a result of the vision enviseged for the Forum. As the previous President of the AAL Association, Mike Biddle, puts it “our vision is one where business innovation and the application of technology will enable people to live their lives to the fullest, where and how they want to. We see people first and not just the medical conditions or chronological age or disability or need. We see a society in which the application of technology and the brilliance of innovative new services and systems will create a level playing field for all of us”.

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