Presentations of the AAL Info Day Call 6

The AAL Association held an INFO DAY on Wednesday, 6 February 2013 in Brussels to inform the European community about the sixth call topic of the AAL Joint Programme: “ICT solutions for supporting occupation in life of older adults.” The contents of such call were explained as well as the procedures for applying and for searching a partner.


The main room of the Royal Academy of Science was full of attendees who were given the chance to present their project ideas, to interact with the central management unit and with the national contact persons and to network with potential partners. The whole event was streamed on our website live.


We give you now the opportunity to watch again each presentations as well as to read the power point slides. You may find this extremely helpful as you will be able to see what were the main ideas for a project and the type of partner sought.


Disclaimer: “The AAL JP is not responsible for the contents of the proposers’ ideas presented. The assessment of the appropriateness of the idea to the call scope will be done by an independent evaluators panel.”


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