Public Stakeholder Consultation

Evaluation of Public-Public Partnerships (Art.185 initiatives) in the context of the Horizon 2020 Interim Evaluation


Art. 185 initiatives are the most visible “testimonials” for successful Joint Programmes between Member States / Associated States and the EU. By 2020, more than 5 billion € of public R&D funds will have been jointly invested by participating States and the EU. Art. 185 initiatives have many stakeholders – from ministries in member countries, funding agencies, companies, universities, individual researchers up to individual citizen benefitting from the results of individual R&D projects. That’s why the results of the public consultation, which was opened on 27 January, are important to shape the future of Joint Programming in Europe.



That is why the European Commission wants your feedback to make Art. 185 initiatives even more relevant and more attractive for the best participants.


The link to the page describing the Public Consultation :

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