Side Events at the Forum: the call

We are organizing the Forum for 2013 and we are keen to involve you even more than usual. This is a call to propose a side event at the AAL Forum 2013 in Norrkoping, Sweden. JOIN US!

What is a side event?

  • An event planned for any of the days  Tuesday 24th (morning) and Friday 27th (morning);
  • With a theme closely related to the aims of the AAL Joint Programme;
  • With an open invitation (not restricted to project members);
  • For at least 90 minutes or multiples of 90 minutes up to a full day (4 x 90 minutes);
  • For which the organiser take full responsibility for invitation, coordination and execution;

If your event is selcted by the ad hoc Committe as an AAL Forum Side event, we offer:


  • A suitable room in the AAL Forum 2013 venue, free of charge;
  • Coffee (plain) during the event free of charge;
  • The event will be listed as an “AAL Forum side event” in the conference programme;


How to apply:

Send an e-mail to with following information

  • Organization(s) involved;
  • Contact person and  details;
  • The theme of the event;
  • The aims;
  • The event’s relation to the AAL Joint Programme;
  • Invited speakers;
  • Estimated number of participants;


Download here the template.

The  receipt of the e-mail will be confirmed



Friday 17 May




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