The RoadMap of National Technological Cluster on “Smart Living Technologies”

Brussels, 30 May – The Italian Smart Living Technologies Cluster is organising a debate at the European Parliament to present its national roadmap. The AAL Programme has been invited to participate in the high-level panel of speakers and its Director Klaus Niederlander will appear for the first time in public in its new role. The event will take place in Brussels on May 30 from 14:30 until 17 ( Room ASP3H1) and it will feature key actors from the Italian national level, from the European Parliament and the European commission.


The Smart Living Technologies Cluster is an initiative of the Italian Ministry of Research and its first goal is to create new, better occupation and growth of enterprises that work in this sector by supporting innovation and internationalisation of Italian companies and through the support of research and design phase of innovation. To do so,  it leverages on the collaboration between public and private organisations that work in the smart living technologies sector and that are located in different territories of the peninsula, and which aims are to enter in the European contest and to compare their knowledge and skills with other partners.




The event is intended as a day of presentation of the Roadmap of the Italian national Technological Cluster Smart Living Technologies, in a context that will deepen some important strategic issues such as the demographic change and the aging population with a specific focus on the possible ways to improving the quality of life and well-being of older adults.  During the debate, the speakers will be called to consider some related areas of interest such as environmental sustainability – requiring a redesign and a radical transformation of the living environments –  and the urban and domestic space.


The event will also serve as a great opportunity for comparison and verification of program activities in progress at international, national and regional level and an opportunity for a fruitful optimization of objectives and resources, looking toward the key initiatives of the new European programmes, like Horizon 2020, Smart Specialisation Strategy, Structural funds 2014-2020, and, of course, the AAL Programme.




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