Webinar on Early-Stage Investors on 2 July

Being investment ready can make or break a business. It is therefore crucial for high growth entrepreneurs and early-stage ventures to identify and approach the right investors. The upcoming AAL2Business webinar on July 2, at 14.00 CET will introduce you to the most effective ways how to approach your future investor with the right strategy.

Lack of adequate training and information often results in a dangerous knowledge gap between companies seeking money and investors, which can seriously compromise SMEs’ ability to be successful in accessing finance.

Therefore, this webinar aims to prepare early-stage start-ups to approach the right investor knowing in advance the rules of the game to increase their chances to be successful in securing finance and establishing with investors a fair collaborative governance framework until the exit moment.

The webinar will consist of online interactive support which will be provided by an early-stage investor with long-lasting experience in investing in companies and evaluating business ideas across Europe. All participating entrepreneurs and start-ups through the training seminar would get prepared for collaborating and negotiating with investors.

Read more about the upcoming events and other webinars on the officiql AAL2Business website.

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