Executive Board

The Association is administered and represented by an Executive Board. The Executive Board legally represents the Association and may take any measure required for the functioning of the Association in the period between General Assembly meetings. It undertakes specific management responsibilities such as budget planning, staffing and contracting.

The members of the Executive Board are members of their national delegation in the AAL Association General Assembly. The AAL Association President is both presiding the Executive Board and the AAL Association.

The members are:


Gerda Geyer

Interim President
Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FFG, Austria

Peter Saraga

President of the AAL Association
United Kingdom

Alain Thielemans

Vice-President and Acting Vice Treasurer
Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship, VLAIO, Belgium

Alex Mihailidis 

University of Toronto, Canada

Chris Flim

ZonMW, The Netherlands

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