European Online Week of Active & Healthy Ageing

Adapting to demographic change in Europe in the 2020s

All three supporting initiatives, the AAL Programme, EIP on AHA, & JPI MYBL were set up in order to support Europe’s adaptations to an ageing society. The three have collaborated closely in 2019-2020 to unite their efforts. Now, they are putting demographic change more prominently onto Europe’s research and innovation agenda with the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing.

This new set of events offering a platform for discussing demographic change and both its challenges and opportunities for the societies in Europe and beyond in a shape of a five-day long programme full with sessions on a wide range of topics.

The first edition of the Week of Active and Healthy Ageing took place online from 2-6 November gathering almost 800 participants from across Europe, Canada, Taiwan, Australia and other countries, and it staged a stimulating debates and exchanges with politicians, local and national administrators, practitioners, geriatrics and psycologists providing a fruitful and exciting environment for an exchange between different perspectives across a wide array of topics related to ageing. Read more below!

European Week of Active and Healthy Week 2020


This special initiative looked into the future ten years until 2030. This decade is a real opportunity to focus on healthy ageing and demographic change. The World Health Organization (WHO) Decade of Healthy Ageing main priorities include intergenerational solidarity, and aligning health and care systems with the needs of ageing populations. All, and more, was covered during this exciting initiative, which  also made sure to cover the implications for innovative capacity-building in systems and services for healthy ageing.

Of course, in 2020, it remains absolutely imperative to review the most pressing and emerging consequences of COVID-19 on the older population in Europe. Hence, the week also acted as a “warm up” event for 2021 and the Forum in Trieste, Italy in May 2021.

There was plenty of participation from high-profile thought leaders from international bodies, members of the European Parliament, and a range of other policy makers and experts on health, care and ageing. Leaders from many countries and regions throughout Europe. Financing, investment, and the roles of demand and supply were also featured. A special session presented participants from the AAL Smart Ageing Prize who showcased the successes of entrepreneurs in the healthy ageing domain. 

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