Solving the Care Crisis with Humanoid Robotic Avatars

“Solving the Care Crisis with Humanoid Robotic Avatars”, organised by Devanthro, is an upcoming virtual workshop on 22 April that will focus on remote caregiving.

The care crisis across Europe is well-documented. The growing population of older adults paired with fewer young people entering the care profession is leading to a severe shortage of staff, straining health and care systems. Countries outside of Europe have large numbers of nurses and carers willing to work in Europe but who are unable to come to Europe for a variety of reasons. But what if these care professionals could work remotely?

Devanthro is developing technology that enables remote caregivers to give physical assistance in the homes of older adults via a software platform and humanoid robotic avatars calle “Robodies”. Using a VR headset, the carer can enter the robotic body, move around the home, fetch items, and hear-see-speak with people around them. Additional AI features allow for monitoring at times when the carer is not operating the Robody.

In a virtual workshop on 22 April, hosted by Devanthro CEO Rafael Hostettler, the concept will be explained in greater detail followed by an open townhall discussion around the merits or challenges of the concept. The goal is to understand the value that Robodies could offer in ambulant care, as well as what work would be required to grow acceptance of a robotic solution to home care of older adults.

Register for the workshop here

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