AAL CALL 6: Info Day

The AAL Association organizes an INFO DAY on Wednesday, 6 February 2013 to inform the European community about the next call topic of the AAL Joint Programme: “ICT solutions for supporting occupation in life of older adults.” The topic of this sixth call will be explained as well as the procedures for applying and for searching a partner.


In many cases, the active older adult is still confronted with a “deficit model of age” that – often unsubstantiated – assumes that occupational efficiency and general learning ability decline with age and implies that older people are less innovative, less productive and less able to work under pressure than their younger colleagues. Empirical evidence suggests that the biggest challenges for older workers are indeed physical strain, mental stress and smaller age-related limitations. This is accompanied by increased skills and competence based on work experience and changing values and attitudes towards work and career. Developments in technical and organisational means to retain the knowledge, expertise and abilities of older workers in the workforce – on a paid or voluntary basis – will help to lessen any potentially detrimental effects of demographic ageing on economic development.


Therefore, Call 6 of the AAL JP aims at funding the development of ICT-based solutions which enable older adults to continue managing their occupation – at work in an office or a factory (or any working environment), in a first or subsequent new second or third careers, in paid or voluntary occupation – while preserving health and motivation to remain active. The call shall target the preservation of cognitive and physical capabilities of older persons when performing their paid or unpaid activity.


Project Presentations

Be aware that the deadline for submitting a project proposal is 30 January at 5PM. Please download the template and send it to  communication@www.aal-europe.eu
The maximum length of your presentation  will be of 4 slides (Title and contact, who we are, project idea, looking for) and no exception will be made. Therefore, presentations longer than the indicated format will not be accepted.


When: 6 February 09.00 -16.30

Where: Brussels, Royal Academy of Science and Arts, 1, Rue Ducal



Eventbrite - AAL JP Call 6 Central InfoDay


The agenda of the event can be downloaded here


Other information days are also organized at the national level. To have more information about them please click here

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