National Info days

In view of the publication of the 6th call of the AAL Joint Programme, a number of national information days are being organized to raise awareness about the general indications of the call and the funding opportunities to catch. These events will allow the participants to start building international consortia around selected project ideas and to learn how to prepare an application. The topic of the upcoming call is “ICT based solutions for Supporting Occupation in Life of Older Adults”.


Here below you can read a list of the events:

Transnational info day

Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Where: Berlin, Germany

When:21 January 2013

Swedish info day

Where: Stockholm, Sweden

When: 31 January 2013


Swiss info day

Where: Bienne, Switzerland

When: 1 February 2013


Ducth Info day

Where: The Hague

When: 14 february 2013


Transnational info and matchmaking day

Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland

Where: Luxembourg

When: 18 February 2013


Danish info day

Where: Aarhus, Denmark

When: 28 February 2013


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