AAL consortiums great pitch

The NaviBee spin off – coordinated by GEO7 AG, project participant in the AAL project iWalkActive– was awarded the second prize as “Best in Show Presenting Company” in the occasion of the MedTech Investing Europe Conference, that took place in Lausanne on 21 and 22 April 2015 and where more than 50 products were showcased in front of investors.


The MedTech event is one of the leading medical technologies-related investment and partnering events in Europe. Eddy Meyer, from GEO7, pitched the solution developed in the framework of the AAL project (a navigation and localisation solution) in front of a public of investors. Also the Exthex company -participating in the project Dalia and represented by Jakob Hatzl – was present at the event and pitched its ADL system in front of the public. Almost 50 products have been showcased during the event

The participation of the two companies was possible thanks to the AAL 2 Business Support Action, aimed at bringing the AAL Companies and products faster to the market. Prior to the event, both companies have been screened in their business-related assets and coached  on how to pitch a product in front of investors.




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