AAL Programme Director on a visit to South Korea

This week, the AAL Programme’s director Klaus Niederländer visited Seoul, South Korea, where he gave a presentation on the Digital Technology for Well-Being of Older Persons during the international seminar on the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Ageing Society.

Source: FNF Korea

The seminar was organized by ASEM Global Ageing Center and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Korea Office to explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital solutions.

This seminar was a part of the set of activities to explore how older adults’ lives and their human rights can be improved by sharing best practices from around the world.

Source: FNF Korea

After the discussions with colleagues, it is clear that the ASEAN countries like South Korea are interested in exchange with European Union on working with the challenges of ageing society.

The demographic change is an increasingly transnational challenge and opportunities reinventing our healthcare systems will be vital.

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