AAL2Business Toolkit has been published

The AAL2Business has developed an extensive toolkit to guide AAL projects in the process of preparing their innovations to reach the market and attract investments. The toolkit is prepared by industry experts and covers such topics as crowdfunding, pitching and further resources from previous AAL2Business webinars.

The toolkit is free to download below!

AAL’s Programme Operations Manager Marco Carulli notes that this Toolkit represents a  very useful reading material for success in business planning and commercialization of a digital product. Built on the multiannual experience developed by the AAL Programme and its coaches, every project can benefit the Toolkit, getting inspiration for the initial phase of the project all through its way, until the market entry.

The toolkit is suitable for any stage of project implementation, with insights and hints on how to build and strengthen your business model as well as on how  to raise the interest of investors or funders. It will be used as a booklet for the upcoming coaching/services offered by AAL2B. It is worth to mention  that the guidelines can be adapted to any digital product, not necessarily targeting healthy and active ageing.

Learn more about AAL2Business here: https://www.aal2business.com/

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