Fourth AAL Impact Assesment has been published

The AAL Programme is delighted to present the final edition of the AAL Impact Assessment, which incorporates data from the 2023 assessment study with previous studies carried out in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The final report features a brief overview of the AAL Programme’s overall aims and objectives followed by a detailed assessment of how these objectives have been met and the impacts they have generated.

This overall assessment is based on online surveys carried out over four years with stakeholders who have participated in AAL1 and AAL2 activities. Overall, more than 2,300 surveys were assessed from these partners. The final 2023 survey involved respondents from 25 AAL projects that had finished by the end of 2022, with all responses completed by the project coordinator from each one.

The study now provides concluding insight into how AAL made many valuable contributions to active and healthy ageing, including the development and deployment of solutions into new markets and the overall strengthening of Europe’s industrial base through the commercialisation of new products and services. It also provides useful lessons for the future implementation of innovation partnerships.

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