Prognos publishes evaluation and case study of the AAL Programme

The economic research centre Prognos has published an evaluation and case study of the AAL Programme as part of a larger evaluation study, ‘Evaluation Study on Resilient Europe’, feeding into the ex post evaluation of Horizon 2020.

The evaluation provides a final assessment of the Active and Assisted Living Joint Programme to the European Commission. This evaluation is based on the five evaluation criteria of the EC’s Better Regulation Guidelines – relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, and EU added value – as well as two additional partnership-specific criteria – additionality, and transparency & openness.

Furthermore, the case study contributes to the final evaluation of the Active and Assisted Living Programme by providing specific insights into the structure, processes and tools underpinning the AAL2 Partnership, relevant to the final evaluation and to developing wider learnings about the implementation of Article 185 partnerships.

You can read both of the documents here:

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