From project to market


A name that is a promise itself: fearless, a project led by the Austrian company cogvis and funded by the AAL Programme, has now become a product available in the market. Fearless combines several functions such as fall, standing up and motion-detection in the room and it includes preventive measures such as automatic light control during the night’s sleep. This way, fearless ensures the well-being of the occupants 24/7.



From research to the product

Originally fearless was developed within the framework of the project “MuBisA”, funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and supported by the AAL Programme and national sponsors. The idea behind the research project was simple yet complex: a system that no longer requires a sensor to be worn on the body, no need to operate an alarm button, but is very easy to use despite complex technologies. After interdisciplinary research and pilot phase with more than 70 satisfied customers, fearless started on the European care market in 2017.



Fall prevention and fall detection within one system

Today fearless is the first contactless fall sensor that works fully automatically on the basis of 3D data evaluation. The advantages of the solution are manifold: On the one hand, the system offers fall prevention by detecting a person standing up, alerting nursing staff preventative and switching on the light automatically. On the other hand, if a fall occurs, the system detects it in real time and alarms automatically. Fearless is as easy to install as a lamp and compatible with existing alarm and emergency call systems.

Big step for the care market of the future

For carers and relatives fearless means a considerable relief through reliable recognition and information about relevant movements among clients. Due to the security of being informed in the event of an alarm, working hours can also be allocated more flexibly. The fearless system is already successfully in use in care facilities and has not only led to faster assistance but also to cost savings in terms of hospital stays, insurance payments, and personnel costs.


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