Valorising and commercialising your AAL project

Deadline has been pushed until 20 April


The purpose of this message is to inform you about the opportunities offered by the EU Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action ‘UTILE’ ( for your EU project EU-LAC Health (project ID 281459).

The objective of the ‘UTILE’ project is to explore the possibilities of valorization and further commercial exploitation of FP7 and H2020 health research funded projects’ results. The ‘UTILE’ consortium consists of Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) and of finance and investment organizations.

‘UTILE’ offers the following possibilities, free of charge, to EU research projects which have developed/are developing results with market potential:

  • Business and Innovation training
  • Vouchers for external expert services
  • Access to leading private investors
  • Access to health market end-users
  • Partnering opportunities with industrial parties (big pharma, biotech etc.)



‘UTILE’ offers a unique opportunity to evaluate, free of charge, the potential of your projects’ results for further valorization and commercial exploitation on the basis of a set of criteria and of an assessment method developed by ‘UTILE’. One of ‘UTILE’’s tools to realize the evaluation is an online questionnaire, which will enable ‘UTILE’ to collect the necessary information to assess your project’s results potential for commercial exploitation. Completion of the questionnaire should only take a short time (15 minutes) but could potentially yield a big output for your project. We kindly ask you to fill in the questionnaire by following the link below:


In case some results demonstrate a market potential, ‘UTILE’ will, in collaboration with the owner of the results, draft a Technology Offer and send it to the respective result owner(s). If agreed between the respective results owner(s) and ‘UTILE’, the assessment result shall be published on the publicly accessible ‘UTILE’ marketplace website serving as a brokerage platform towards investors and industry, to benefit from e.g. potential partnering or licensing opportunities. All information that you will provide in the Questionnaire shall remain strictly confidential to ‘UTILE’ and the European Commission.

In case your project would like to respond to the Questionnaire, please share this message with all your consortium’s partners as well. The questionnaires can be completed either collectively or by each of the project’s partners/results’ owner(s) separately.


Deadline for the submission of the Questionnaire is 20 April 2018.


Some FP7 of Horizon 2020 projects may not have delivered their final results yet. Therefore, this questionnaire will stay open for submission after the aforementioned deadline. In case you are working on a commercially promising innovation for which you would like to make use of UTILE’s services in the future, feel free to submit a questionnaire or contact us at any time.

Please address your reply or any further question to ‘‘.


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