no clue about how to finance your project?

An amazing guide for bringing your project to market has been just updated


Do you know the difference between a business angel and a venture capital? are you aware of the ingredients that drive investors decisions? and, what should you highlight in your proposal if you are looking to finance your project?



This and much more information are included in the reviewed version of the “Network of private investors“, a publication committed by the AAL Programme and produced by the Nordic Healthcare Group, a Finnish consulting group.


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The research is an agile compendium of priceless information for projects that intend to undertake the big jump to become a self-sustainable company.


It is divided into 5 chapters, the second of which presents  an overview of the funding opportunity in Europe (did you know that 53.8% of venture capitals in Europe is solely invested in life sciences and computer & consumer electronics?); the third chapter offers some considerations before seeking funding such as the various features that make a business an attractive one for an investor; the fourth chapter addresses an aspect that goes often unseen: how to choose the right type of funding. Are you an early stage company or a family business? then better seeking your seed to a business angel; is your business already mature and you are looking to take the extra mile of your industrial plan? then it is time to knock a venture capital or equity fund’s door. The fifth chapter is something you will certainly like: a list of 5 key accelerators/incubators, angel networks and local business angels that could help uplift your dreams!


If you feel excited about this, you can discover more by reading the full document here



imagesAnd remember the AAL Programme is strongly committed to helping its funded projects going to a commercialization phase. The AAL2Business provides each partner of the consortium with a free of charge coaching service before, during and after obtaining funding. It helps projects in their business development and commercialization challenges.



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