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European Commission seeks input on a Reflection and Orientation paper on Smart Wearables

Inputs until 15 January are welcome

Smart wearables offer an unprecedented capability to assist people to manage their daily or professional activities in a safer, healthier and more-efficient manner. Moreover, combined with internet and data technologies, wearables offer a transformative power which can re-shape the organisation of social and economic activities in the modern society.


wearables_16826_5Following the Information and Stakeholders’ Day  on Wearables organized by DG CONNECT on 11th December 2015, the European Commission drafted a reflection paper which:

  • takes stock of the latest techno-market and policy developments,
  • documents the research and development activities supported by the EU,
  • integrates the positions of stakeholders with a focus on barriers that prevent the transition of wearables from lab to the market and
  • proposes ways forward to help bring smart wearables into our daily lives faster, unlocking their socio-economic potential.

To complete the stock-taking and horizon-scanning exercise the Commission seeks input from all interested stakeholders on the reflection paper. This will assist us to further elaborate future EU support measures in the areas of research & development, innovation and market uptake of smart wearables.

Written input and comments are welcome to Dr Andreas Lymberis  and Mr Gökalp Gümüşdere (“Competitive Electronics Industry” unit at DG CONNECT)  by 15 January 2017 at the latest.


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