Okayama Declaration ahead the Decade Healthy Ageing

During October 19-20, 2019, the G20 Health Ministers alongside with EU representatives and many more global stakeholders gathered in Japan, Okayama to discuss the major health issues affecting the world today. One of the key points of this meeting was addressing the challenges of global ageing.  

The resulting Okayama Declaration highlighted the importance to prolong the independence of older adults for as long as possible by focusing on both healthy and active ageing. Moreover, the Declaration confirmed the importance of this pattern affecting the labour market, which in turn, brings about economic challenges to ensure socially fair and sustainable world. 

The AAL Programme welcomes the Declaration, that envisions working together with stakeholders, ministries and other sectors across levels and countries to ensure best practices.  

AAL, already closely cooperating with its member states, and a strong community consisting of researchers, businesses and older adults themselves, wants to stress the importance of the systemic approach. We are already aligning our work in a partnership with the More Years Better Lives and the EIP on AHA.  By working together, we can ensure more effective and harmonised approach focusing on what matters the most: well-being for people of all ages.

Read the Declaration here

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