Bridging the gap to market


This study has been organized  with the ultimate goal to enhance market orientation of the AAL projects and to contribute to bridge the gap between research, design and innovation (R&D&I), as well as successful commercialization of new solutions. To do so the AAL Association to set up a Market Observatory on AAL providing market intelligence support on AAL solutions to the broad community of stakeholders, targeting all stages of AAL projects lifecycle (from project design to commercialization).


The study team conducted ad-hoc desk research among series of public secondary sources (existing publications from the AAL Association, existing research, specialized press, dedicated web-sites, etc…) to qualify the necessary context and background of the study and obtain a viable definition of the AAL market.


In parallel, a group of relevant stakeholders in the AAL field was directly engaged in an interactive workshop, which served as the main forum to identify key stakeholders’ needs and expectations in relation to an AAL Market Observatory. Additional and detailed desk research was then undertook to validate the data availability with a view to build an AAL Market Observatory: the team identified and monitored a large number of sources, in Europe and in the world, to investigate several AAL related areas such as actual and potential demand for AAL products and services, AAL market value and size, its trends and key drivers, as well as additional information to describe the interoperability and standards needs, the main players and the main investment-related activities in the AAL field.
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