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AAL2Business seminar in Lisbon


Lisbon, 23 November 2016 – Digitalization and global competition have changed the clockspeed of innovation radically. Previously it took on average 20 years for best companies to reach one-billion-dollar revenue – now the average time is only 4 years. At the same time, turbulence in the socio-economic and market environments are creating challenges for the companies reliably foresee market risks and opportunities even in the short-term, and AAL markets are known to have specific challenges in commercialization of innovations. For this reason, companies that want to succeed in increasingly global competition within AAL markets must adopt new business development principles, which enable fast-paced learning and iterative steering of the business model and strategy.



The AAL2Business support action organized a workshop in Lisbon on 23 November 2016 in order to answer to the question: how organizations working within the AAL projects can utilize the new business development principles? (e.g. business model design, and lean startup). The workshop gave participants the possibility to experience in practice how they should develop business through rapid business model prototyping and highly iterative process of business model design, validation and learning – the process of which every AAL project should apply from the day one.



If you missed the workshop, look ahead for more information about the next workshop in spring 2017. Or you can apply for a 1-day project specific business coaching workshop provided you by the AAL2Business support action. Workshops are funded by the AAL Programme and are therefore free for the current/previous partners of AAL projects.


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  • The best in the workshop was …
    • “Learning by working together with practical exercises”
    • “Getting to know the business model canvas and how to use it to improve an idea”
    • “Clear use of frameworks/models and great visual aids (ppt slide deck)”
    • “Build solutions in groups and share knowledge”
  • The workshop is valuable for AAL projects…
    • “To put all the project team on the same page”
    • “To create a clear “picture” of how to search for the business model to commercialize results of the project”
    • “To setup the business model at the time”
    • “In order to improve implementation and dissemination of the business/product that results from the project”
    • “Establish common language for all participants”
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