The AAL Programme launches its second Call for Workshops

Following the success of its first edition, the AAL Programme is delighted to announce a second Call for Workshops, providing an opportunity for participants to foster ongoing relationships and exchange knowledge and experiences within and beyond the AAL community.

This initiative aims to deepen insights into crucial AAL-related topics by encouraging individuals to host workshops that benefit all participants. As such, the AAL community is invited to contribute to the programme’s efforts in exploring themes such as:

  • Entering private and/or public markets
  • Implementing digital solutions in organisations
  • Financing start-ups and scale-ups
  • Value assessment (and reimbursement) of digital care and support

The AAL Programme is extending the opportunity for all current and former AAL partners to submit their workshop proposals. Each submission will be carefully considered by the AAL’s Central Management Unit (CMU).

Scheduled to take place in 2024 starting in April, the workshops can be conducted online, in a hybrid format, or in person with a live audience. To support the organisers, the AAL has allocated a budget that can cover various costs for those hosting a workshop, including catering, technical requirements, venue costs, and travel for workshop leaders and moderators.

Workshops should align with the overarching goal of enhancing the AAL community and should focus on specific AAL-related topics that specifically foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences to the wider community.

Current and former AAL project partners are asked to submit concrete proposals although partners do not have to present the workshop themselves, and can hire external experts to do that job, with the support of project partners and members of AAL.

Applicants are invited to clearly outline their budgetary requirements for aspects such as catering, technical support, venue costs, and workshop leaders/moderators in their proposals.

Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute to the continued growth of the AAL community and enjoy new collaboration opportunities.

  • The deadline for submitting proposals is January 31st, 2024, and interested parties can send their submissions to the AAL Central Management Unit (CMU) at

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